Saturday, 4 December 2010

tights. tips to wearing them

Yesterday, the boyfriend and i went to Changkat Bukit Bintang for a couple of drinks and some people watching :) *Dancing didnt work too well in Envee. We went in at 12 and the DJ was still playing slow songs.. people were bobbing in their seats waiting for a Top 40 song but the DJ apparently shock sendiri and went ahead playing his own beats. Long story short, we left in 30 mins.

And we saw so so many girls in black tights. Okay what inspired this post, not being mean, but most of these girls seemed to have no idea why they put on the black tights in the first place. Some had sheer tights, but with long hemlines.... some so short hemlines that we could see the hems near their *privates when they walked up the stairs... some in colours so shocking, they were competing with the neon dancefloor lights for attention.

Tights suck. Personally i hate em.. I know lots of styles nowdays have tights in them... but they are a style that needs to be thought about more than normal pants. Putting an outfit together with tights (for me) takes more work than slipping into skinny jeans :)

So here are some tips ladies.. hopefully it will help make the thought process easier.

1. Think carefully about your shoes. High heels and boots are great choices with stockings. Open-toed shoes are often a mistake. The whole point of covering your legs is to cover them whole. Its not normal to see toes poking out of open toed shoes wrapped in something. Creepy.

2. Note that sheer stockings are going to make legs look thinner whereas thicker, patterned stockings might create a look that’s too bulky for you. Those who like Colored stockings, please note... people do not naturally have green, pink, blue legs. These are not NORMAL. as much as they say it is a POP of color, it tends to very often just look strange.

3. Pay attention to where your skirt or dress ends. If it hangs too low then stockings might throw off your proportions and make you look shorter and stumpy. However, if your hemline is short, please ladies, wear high quality stockings that are not so thin that when you bend, we can see all your glory...... and please DO NOT WEAR COLORED UNDERWEAR underneath. *shudder*

4. Wearing tights in black which continue into a similar colored closed toe shoe, (ankle boots, normal boots, pumps etc) is the most fool proof way to wear tights.

5. Play around with your style. You’ll figure out what looks right.

I'll leave you ladies with these two picture.



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