Monday, 20 December 2010

make up. yes or no?

So many people i know really are not too fond of the idea of makeup. For some reason, make up has gotten itself a bad name and an even worse reputation.

I don't understand why though. I love make up. I love experimenting with the colors, the textures and the brands. But speaking to some people i know, apparently a common thought is that make up is "too much".

Here are some of the reasons i could compile (based on actual results of questioning).

a) i like the natural look better
b) the make up makes people look like a ghost
c) no need to be so fancy la. this is who i am
d) guys like a girl with a plain face better than one with make up
e) if he wants to date me, he better know how i actually look.

i applaud these reasons. Honestly. I think they are signs of a strong confidence.

If they actually were true.

I am beginning to think, that although these people have a point, make up has been taken to come sort of extreme and distorted to become some what evil with direct implication of the girl being bimbo or even ugly.

how often have you heard one of your snarly friends say

"ask her to wash her face then you see la"
"wahh, how early she wake up to put on all that make up ah?"
"she needs the make up lahh"

i'm a bit torn. While i love dressing up and trying different looks, with so many people commenting on how useless and how little they care for make up and fashion, i sometimes find myself dressing down or maybe trying to fit in a little more.

Not that they have commented how terrible i look. Its mostly the opposite. But somehow, when you know you have different habits and thoughts when so many dislike something, don't you wonder too?

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