Thursday, 16 December 2010

why wear specs if you don't need em?

i met up with some friends recently for drinks and i was wearing my glasses as i had a minor mishap with my contact lenses earlier that day.

and as soon as i sat down, they both stared at me in a funny way (they haven't known me very long, and its a work turning friendship, so they haven't exactly seen me at my "best"(hair pulled back, wearing my Winnie the Pooh t-shirt and glasses).

So i ignore them until one goes...

umm Sash, do you really wear glasses? or are those fake?

excuse me? nothing on me is fake as far as i know.. hahaha

Which lead to the conversation of how people wear glasses as fashion accessories. Now don't get me wrong. I will not be hypocritical and claim that i think accessories are silly.
However, i do find wearing glasses as accessories, silly.
Ladies, we wear glasses because, as much as we denie it, we have a disability of bad eyesight. Its a curse to come out of the shower and grope around for your glasses. Its a curse to squint and try to read some thin when all you can see is blur lines..

Wearing glasses is caused by the curse of having poor eyesight. Why would you want to even pretend you have such a disability? To me, thats like walking with crutches when your legs are working just fine.

These are times when i believe Fashion is taken a bit too far.

But then there are the celebs who genuinely need glasses and rock the look so well, its become a part of their style.

Now that's fashionable.

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aLLy-K said...

I have I have I have and I love that winnie the pooh shirt :P the promiscuous one rocks it well too. LOL!