Wednesday, 26 August 2009

what to wear to work.

i have a friend who once said all she does is look at her closet, close her eyes, pick up a shirt and pair them with the same black pants she wears everyday.

"comfy and no need to think laaa..." she drawls..


but its true. most girls give up the feminine and saucy factor when it comes to work clothes.

i want to be taken seriously. Malaysian culture is tricky la. is two of the complaints i've heard. so this article is just a few things to help u sexy it up without pretending to dumming it down. :)

1. pants with flirty but conservative tops.
pants give off an air of superiority but a clean cut is uber feminine. a conservative flirty top will make u feel girly but still business like. The top can be slightly see through (but must be worn with a tube!! think simple elegance not skank!) and keep a jacket in the office to throw on if ya gotta head to a big meeting.

2. coloured skirts

we always see the staple black a line skirt as our saviour and we cringe at the thought/sight of colour or print for work but paired with the right top, this look can be rather classy. Try a loud print with a low key top, clean tied up hair and pale make up. You'll be surprised at how polished it looks.

3. suspendersbored with the simple white shirt and black pants/skirt? tuck the shirt in and put on some suspenders. I mean it. suspenders. its like the boyfriend shirt. on a guy its nice, but on a girl.... wow.. :)

4. heels

-no picture required to show the awesomeness-

ladies. i know they give u blisters, aches and pains but its worth it. do a mirror test if u don't believe me. stand in front of a mirror with you're back facing the mirror. Look at your butt before and after u wear the heels. No need to thank me.

5. a hint of redthis always catches attention no? a hit of red. be it heels, belt, collar.... red always screams SEXY.

6. clinch belts

use clinch belts to tuck in your waist. It adds curves without much effort.

7. one piece office dresses. i love office dresses. Tailored, clean cut, appropriate colours. Yummy. worn with heels, minimal jewelery and a structured bag, this is a sure winner. No one will forget you're a girl. and thats in a GOOD way.

8. high waisted pants

their back!! yeap.. the same suckers u saw in your mum's old photographs and in that 70's show! :) high waisted pants in a dark colour or even pin striped is very classy. It hugs the hips and flaunts the curves without looking desperado. :)

9. vests & jackets
keep in mind that our country is HOT. so sometimes the gorgeous styles we we see in sitcoms may not work here. Layering can look great but in our climate, its best to choose something smaller, and lighter. :)

so yes ladies, its time to remind the office you're a girl.


Adriana said...

Hi, I'm one of the girls that actually wears the suspenders, yes they look sexy.

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