Friday, 7 August 2009

pretty things we see.

i always look for inspiration where ever i go. i like to call it my practical inspirations. coz i can't stare at buildings and trash and see a beautiful dress like the kooky designers in project runway. nope.. i'm more of a simple minded creature.

so these are some of my moves to get my practical inspirations...

when i'm in malls, i drag the boyfriend around to look at the mannequins in the high end shops(no matter how much he whines...and they always do. just a warning). if i see a look i like, i note the pieces used then go hunting in my closet to see i have anything similar. if i don't then its off to the bazaars and shops till i can find something like it for a fraction of the price. putting the outfit together and seeing it turn out amazing is all the payment i need. then i can walk pass the same high end shop with my knock off outfit and look all smug. :)

another thing i do as i have mentioned is look at my celebrity muse. if i like what Eva's wearing then i do the same as above. but sometimes looks she wears is not as conducive coz of our weather or just our malaysian styles.. face it.. we are all generally not as rick taking.. (well ok.. i mean myself la k! ish...) but anywayz, having a muse sometimes makes life a lot easier.

finally, i people watch. :) no no... not the stalky thing ure thinking of right now. bah... i basically just observe what people wear. and i do this sometimes not so discreetly.. *blush..* the boyfriend says i got "kahunas". hahaha...
i just go up to random strangers and say i love your outfit!!! and then ask them random stuff about it.

apparently not many people do this??? i dunno... judging by the scared looks i get... hahaha.. so i have decided this. to help "normal" people (yes i admit i'm a bit whack) , i've decided to photograph the outfits i really like and post them. maybe it'll help with inspiration? i hope so. look out for it!!

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