Monday, 7 September 2009

bad breakup? u dun wanna miss this.

sowee. long time yes. work bad. stress bad.

moving on.
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the boyfriend jus became the ex? don't fret ladies. help is here.

Jessica Simpson can't catch a break. The tabloids have branded her -- at 28 -- a dried-up spinster who can't keep a man; she got dumped by her NFL-star boyfriend, Tony Romo, on her birthday eve; and -- arguably worst of all -- she just got photographed wearing a disastrous romper. Where were her friends? Hasn't anyone reminded her that Job One when dealing with a horrible split is to make sure you look awesome every time you leave the house, on the off-chance run into your ex?

Just in case your girlfriends aren't answering their phones in your hour of need, here are our celebrity-inspired Dos and Don'ts for coping with a breakup.

DON'T Just Give Up

Everyone's been through that breakup where you spend the first six weeks on the sofa in the same ratty sweatpants, eating buckets of ice cream and crying over the tender loving relationships on all the chick flicks we can find. It's an important part of the grieving process, but it's no excuse for giving up altogether. If that heinous romper on J. Simp doesn't reek of quitting, then i'll eat a pair of leggings.

DO Keep Your Wallowing Behind Closed Doors
Even if you've basically gone feral, the world doesn't need to see your shame. Ben Affleck spent months after his bust-up with J. Lo popping up in public looking like he'd been tucked away in a remote mountain cabin, without running water, making bombs and sniffing glue. Visibly falling apart at the seams is only going to make your ex happier to be rid of you.

Instead, take a cue from Anne Hathaway, and ...

DO Show Some Leg
Anne illustrated best that living well -- and looking hot -- really is the best revenge, especially when your idiot ex thought it was OK
a)to sleep with that cheap shag he met at a club..
b)bitch about you to YOUR BESTFRIENDS
c)"casually" meet up with his ex!
but Anne calmly snagged herself a whole new wardrobe of short-but-sophisticated looks. It must be comforting to know your ex is eating his heart out ... serves u right .. bitch..

DO Get an Awesome Haircut
Now, we're not saying you should go all Britney on us here and take a shaver to your mane just to make a point, but the right apr├Ęs-heartbreak makeover can do wonders to lighten your spirits. Remember Reese Witherspoon's breakup bangs?
They debuted on the heels of her divorce from Ryan Phillippe and made her look sleeker, sexier and more alluring than she had in years. Plus, it's cheaper than Botox.

DON'T Become a Gymorexic Nutjob
There's looking youthfully healthy, and then there's looking like you could crack walnuts with your biceps and slice cheese with your veins. Madonna fits the latter category.
After divorcing Guy Ritchie, Madge seems to have embarked on an even bigger gym binge than usual -- we haven't seen guns like that since there was an East German weightlifting team. She's the cautionary poster child for exercising in moderation. If you want your ex to think you've spent countless lonely nights bench-pressing tractor-trailers, that's one thing; otherwise, you don't need to shack up with so many heavy dumbbells just to get over that other one.

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