Friday, 7 August 2009

foxy megan.

ever wondered what foxydy means? its just an abbreviation of foxy lady. catchy huh? well i definitely think so.
one person that is definitely a foxydy is the new girl in the big screen, Megan Fox. she's learnt real quick how to dress and my has she done it in a good way.
glamming it up on the red carpet, this rookie turn style queen is smart to stick to clean lines and beautiful colours which she knows works on her skin. she ain't much of a risk taker but u can bet your last stiletto she's beautiful.
different premiers of Transformers. these are the top dresses i loved!! So sexy. different cuts, textures and colours but Megan knows what looks good on her.
i loved this outfit because of the accessories. its was so clever. a little LBD with the perfect accessories which gave it a punch of colour and all the jazz.
simple beautiful the colour was great and the peek hole added the right spice.
simply breath taking no?
Hollywood glam done oh so right.
see why clean lines work?
canary yellow at its best.
even flapper dresses can be clean if done right.
casual Megan
even when this glamazon is dressed down, her style shines through. just like her red carpet dresses, her casual dos are clean and simple.

but that doesn't save the rookie from making a mistake or two.. :)

why those shoes with such a gorgeous dress i dunno.. sighs..
this colour makes her look pale and washed out.. bad choice.
Megan makes a mistake or two but that's outta hundred. which is why she's a real glam queen just waiting to happen!!

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