Monday, 10 August 2009

ankle booties.

dear foxydy,

i bought these wonderful pair of ankle boots the other day.. but i have absolutely nothing to wear them with. any ideas?

well dear, ankle booties are really hot. as in sexy hot. not sweaty like their high versioned sisters. seriously. have u tried wearing knee high boots in our Malaysian weather? i sweated in places i didn't know i had glands.

so yes, ankle booties are a great alternative to a great trend. :) take a look at some of the celebs below. hopefully you get some good ideas!!

dressed up!!

paired with a uber short skirt line, ankle booties look so cute. anything longer (whether boots or skirt) will make legs look short! so beware!!

Kate is smart. by pairing stockings that match the colour of your booties, they give an illusion of mile long legs. Different colour just cut your body into parts. Not appealing!

sky high boots, short simple dress, coool jacket. only J Lo can wear this on the red carpet and make jaws drop..

sienna. Check out her play with colour which i LOVE. she's such a risk taker. and most of the time, her instincts are right on track!

Kate: paired with any other footwear, this LBD can border yawnsss... but with the boots, wow.

now. for the more applicable tips. since most of us don't dress for the red carpets everyday. who are we kidding right. :P

dressed NORMAL!!!

now thats hot. studded rocker boots with jeans. dun go all over the top like MK or Ashley (i can't tell em apart. bah.) with the layered tops and scarf. total overkill!! just stick with simple tees. you'll be a hot rocker babe with a blink of an eye.

sienna is great! only she wears white booties with an all black outfit! but try it! make your booties the centre of attention!! they deserve it!

no comments. just stare and absorb the awe-some-ness.

told u the spice up anything. even your boyfriend's oversized shirt!

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