Monday, 22 November 2010

what has changed

Hey guys,

i know that i have not been writing for the past year or so. Its coz things keep changing in my life. Not that i'm complaining. I make them change.

The one thing i have learnt in the past few years is that the only thing you truly only have control over is yourself and how you feel. Things have hurt me so badly in the past that there were times when i just sat back and thought, how am i ever going to get through this?

But the next day, everything still seemed to be moving. ok. so which meant the world wasnt coming to an end.

The more i took control of my emotions and thoughts, the more powerful i became. and i think all of you can relate to that at some point.

the thing is, we all grow up. we grow one way or another. whether we become stronger or weaker, its up to us. Through everything i've been through, many things have changed. the way i see things, the way i make decisions, the way i view the world. I have learnt how to make the little things count. Coz at the end of the day, have you realized that its the little things that you remember the longest? the things that you didn't actually think about in the first place?

so i made decisions to change my life bit by bit to overcome the negative emotions everything i had been through. one of the biggest things that have impacted me is the decision to travel the world. i love travelling but have always done the normal short stints. however, since the beginning of this year, i have been travelling at least once every two months..

Travelling does funny things to me. Just when i thought i had myself figured out, going to different places and seeing different things changes everything again. And so this post, my dears, is an introduction.

An introduction to a new kind of fashion blog. One that brings you perspectives from a person who is traveling. A person who is rediscovering her passion for fashion.

rediscovering herself.

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