Wednesday, 24 November 2010

root paste=Myanmar make up

Like i said in the previous post, i have been doing a fair share of travelling recently. And my travels took me to Myanmar last month. i must say, once you've been to a place like Myanmar, i feel so blessed to have been born in Malaysia. yes we have the crappy politicians, the quota system on everything, the nonsensical rules on dressing, etc etc.

yet only when you have been to a country t
hat has fallen so far off, do you realize that we as Malaysians, sometimes just bitch about the most insignificant things.

anywayz, to make a long story short, Myanmar is Militarily ruled. which means a army government. No public voice. The people are oppressed to such an extent that there is no proper educaion so that no one is too clever to create an opposition. Cars and handphones are so ridiculously expensive (ie; a telephone line actually costs 1500USD.) this is so people hav
e no proper means of communication.

simply put, the less mobility, education and communication, the easier to oppress people.

in the midst of all this sadness, i was so surprised to find, that the people, Myanmar people, are nothing short of marvelous.

not only are they happy (the less you know, the less you want, the less unhappy you are), they are so nice that i felt ashamed that i was so sorrowful about things in my life.

the one thing that struck me when i was in this land of amazing people, was their makeup. yes the fashionista in me comes out. they wear a mask of a root on their faces (ta-na-ka). Not only does it give them AMAZING skin, in their country, it is a form of beauty.

Young women, Old women, babies.... they wear this paste that looks like dried powder and it is a mark of beauty and elegance. not only that, it cures skin of any blemishes, cools the body and gives a glowing complexion.

Now hows that for Fashionable.

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