Thursday, 25 November 2010

heels at work. practical?

Don't get me wrong. i think heels are so drool worthy, there are some pairs i would willingly trade my first born for.

But working 9-5 nowdays is proving to be a real challenge for my feet. Honestly, sometimes i feel like i'm torturing myself. i own quite a few pairs that make me look so slender and tall but my feet feel like an olden days Chinese beauty queen.

But are flats actually professional looking? Its a thought i keep pondering on. No kudos to the insane TV shows that only show working women in sky high heels. (com'mon.... really? they titter totter in those sky high prada's all day and then don another strappy sky high one at night to go dancing in? ***SNORTS!! GET REAL!

she's not going to a meeting. she's going to her limo.

though today i was walking to courier something off and i saw two women. One in a working highwaisted skirt, button up top, nice belt, cute bag, and very very very professional looking comfy flats. Her face looked happy.

another is working pants, nice blouse, kinda funny looking bag and SKY HIGH heels. she looked pained... and kinda constipated.

Which made me think.. we have all been so programmed to think that only sky high heels are polished looking so we kill ourselves slowly. (no kidding. Wearing heels actually kills our bones)

we dress up in the morning in killer outfits which we so lovingly put together, do our hair, makeup and then when it comes to shoes, we wince, glace at our comfy flats, take a deep breath and then reach for the heels.

We get to office. Go for meetings.

And then when we finally sit at our desk..


I'm thinking we should just realize that TV isn't reality. Go FLAT!. But please ladies...

Just coz its flats doesn't mean you get to go all the way.

Keep it simple and clean.

At the end of the day, you wanna focus on your work. Not how many blisters you have.

And guess what, you'll still look fabulous. Just less grump and in pain.

So go ahead. Give your poor feet a break. Try the flats.

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