Friday, 26 November 2010

Animal Prints and how to work em.

Credits to : Kimberly Heit.

This article provdes six tips aimed at helping you wear animal print in a stylish manner.

Animal print is currently making a big fashion comeback, and without fail it tends to do so every few seasons. It can prove a tricky trend to master, so the following article provides a few tips on how to wear animal print with style.

Six tips for wearing animal print with style:

1.Keep it simple

A piece of animal print apparel is bound to make a statement, so make sure it forms the focal point of your outfit. This means the rest of your outfit should support your animal print piece, rather than compete for attention.

2. Pair it with neutral colors

Generally it is best to stick to pairing animal print with neutral colors. Think black, beige, brown, grey and white. In addition it is a good idea to stick to prints that actually resemble animal colors.

3. Wear it in the most flattering places

Prints draw attention to wherever you wear them, some give some consideration to where you’d like to highlight and make sure you avoid wearing a print on an area you’d rather downplay. For example if you are pear shaped, it would be best to wear an animal print on your smaller top half, rather than on your fuller bottom half.

4. Stick to one species at a time and follow the rule, less is more.

A time honored rule that very few people successfully break is to only wear one style of animal print at a time. So if you are wearing leopard, stick to leopard, tiger, stick to tiger and so forth. And remember, animal print is an attention grabber. You want to turn heads, not cause accidents.

6. Be as subtle as you like

If you feel comfortable and confident working an animal print dress or another fairly dramatic piece, feel free to indulge in doing so. If however, you are a more conservative dresser it is best to wear animal print in a way that feels right to you. For some this may be in the form of an accessory such as a scarf, belt, shoes or purse.

and finally, if you look anything like the below celebs, Don't leave your house.


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