Sunday, 28 November 2010

lady gaga has balls.

Guts people.

I meant guts. Ish. dont hide it. i know what you were thinking. ;)

In the new decade, we find trend-setters & fashionistas, but if you really think about it, how much of a risk are these people actually taking when they dress up? most of the time i find they settle for a look which is so blah and safe. They slap on a pretty dress, go to hair and make up, nude tones, nice redish lipstick and soft hair.

Which is why, no matter how crazy you guys think she is, i think Lady Gaga is a genius. And she has BALLS.

She may not be the prettiest swan in the flock, but she has a sense of fasion that will leave people talking and no matter how much you deny it, you want to see Lady Gaga and what she wears at every event.

Here are some of her most outrageous looks..

I love Lady Gaga. She isn't just one of pop music's most flamboyant stars. She's also proving to be one of fashion's most daring new icons.

Every time she leaves her house -- whether it's to film a video, hit the red carpet, or take a stroll
around the block -- Gaga always seems to make an outrageous statement with her attire (or l
ack thereof, in some cases).

She teaches us that fashion isnt supposed to be taken as a Life and Death decision for most of us. Have fun with it ;)

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