Sunday, 20 March 2011

how to hide bow legs

I got an email for a reader who asked for advice on how to hide her bow legs. This one is for you love. ;)

However, before we move on to the solutions, lets look into the problem;

What are bow legs? - bowlegs (genu varum), outward curvature of the leg bone (tibia) or thighbone (femur) causing the knees to separate when the feet are placed together.

So in her email (she prefers to remain anonymous :) , my reader talks about how she lives in pants due to the fact that she is very conscious about her bow legs. She wears dark colors all the time and never ever dares to wear a skirt. She has gotten to a state that she wakes up in the morning, pulls out her black pants, picks up the first button down shirt she touches and just immediately puts that on. No two cents about it.

This post is all about Skirts for the Bow Legged Girl! I truly hope that after reading this, you will try some fabulous skirts and shoes.

Life is too short to not experiment sweety ;)


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      Reassess your outlook. Chances are most people don't notice your bow legs nearly as much as you do. Don't obsess over one body flaw. And don't feel you have to live in pants. Skirts are fun, flirty and feminine. Take a cue from these celebs who have bow legs too!


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      Wear your skirts a little longer. Choose a flattering skirt that comes a few inches below your knees to help conceal the bow shape. These days, any length skirt is in style!

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      Camouflage your bow legs by wearing a skirt in a soft, floaty fabric that is a little fuller than usual. The classic A-line skirt can also be a good choice for you. A trumpet skirt, one that flares out at the hem, is a great choice, but can be a little difficult to find.

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      Choose skirts in a solid color, but wear tops that bring attention upward. When you wear a modest black skirt with a loud, sexy, print shirt, no one will even notice your legs.

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      Find a good seamstress and have your skirts custom made. A fantastic tailor can make skirts to hide your bow legs and bring out your other great features.

I hope this helps. :) Celebrate being a female! Wear skirts!! ;)


soulbliyys said...

thank you for you concern about us who have bowed for me, my mum wouldnt allow me to consult any surgery..she has been worried about the risk..she ask me to wear something that could cover my bowed legs..i'll try to dress up according to your oppinion..thank u for the anonymous who ask about this too..

Lolita said...

My name is Melissa and i'm a 23 years old bowed legs girl who never ever dared to wear skirt nor skinny jeans. I love the beach ( I live in a Caribbean Island) but was always afraid of what people would say about my legs. Until I've decided enough was enough... Your article is a breathe of fresh air to me. I've never written about it before, I was (and still) considering about surgery but this article to me is so invigorating. Thank you so much. Oh and yes I have tons of pencil skirts now, mid calf lenght and they flatter my shape. Thank you again...

macygirl said...

your artical was so helpful, i never wore skirt, shorts or tight leggings till i just read and saw some stars and how they wore their clothes, i never knew i was bowleged till a high school teacher brought me to the front of the class and pointed out my legs in front of all the students, i cried, and from then on, i hide my legs. I m 59 yr's old, tiny, small frame and 5'1", i feel so much better that when i go to a wedding in 3 weeks i will wear a dress. THANK YOU

Nyc328girl said...

I'm 28 years old and have consciously tried to hide my legs since high school. Now I've finally had a revelation and realized I don't care what anyone thinks anymore. I want to wear what makes me happy. I've been working out a lot the last few months, especially leg exercises. I still am bow legged but I've got more muscle and they're much more shapely. I've been wearing jean shorts and mini skirts and no one has said anything nasty about my legs. And if anyone does you just gotta shrug it off. :-)

test said...

thank you for blogging about this topic. I`m bow legged too and have been struggling to accept it for quite some time. I´m looking for clothing which is feminine, like skinny jeans. I hada look on - so my hopes are up that there will be some cool stuff available for our kind soon. I will let you know. Caroline

sarah mareike said...

Thanks for this - I signed up on

I would love to wear skinny jeans but doesnt look nice with my bow legs. So this site hopefully will come up with some designs for us!

Bow legs

jess tsf said...

Great article. I, however, decided to go with the surgery to correct my bow legs. Had surgery on my left leg last week, and waiting for my next one next month. I started a blog where I post pictures and write about my experience. Feel free to check it out!

ifesi nnamso said...

I never mind if am bowlegged or not. I wear anything I like, leggings, tight trousers. Bornshort. Short skirt. I don't give any damn about the leg. I gotta enjoy my cloths to my satisfaction without minding what people will say

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