Friday, 25 March 2011

Dressing for Flight!

So a friend of mine is currently flying around to keep up with the demands of her amazing job schedule. And as much as i "hate" for having such a good time, i love hearing her stories and experiences. She was in fact, just telling me, over a good bottle of wine at La Bodega, how much she has to fly around the world. Sighs. Lucky woman.

Anyways, that was me ranting on for a bit. It got me thinking of the air travel that is still an experience for many of us mere mortals. I love the excitement of getting packed, rushing to the airport a few hours early, hoping to god the counter isn't closed, checking my bag a million times to see if i forgot my passport and finally, sinking into that airplane seat and hoping to god no one (or maybe a hot someone)will fill the seat next to me.

I always have trouble with my dressing on flights. Honestly, at the time when most people are cleverly choosing clothes for the airplane, i am rushing around, taking a shower, stuffing my face with food and trying desperately to zip up my backpack. So i end up most of the time, looking something like this;-

I think dressing for the plane is one of the hardest wardrobe-related things to do. You really, really want to be comfy, you need an outfit that's easy to layer around based on the temperature of the plane, and you want to look cute (because you never know who you'll end up sitting next to, or in front of ;) ). Everyone wants to slap on some sweats and flippies and call it a day, but since this is a fashion blog, I have other solutions! I think there has to be a way to be chic and comfortable on a plane, and I'm determined to find it. More for myself than anyone else really..


1. Remember that you will have to take coats and shoes off to be screened at security, so avoid labour-intensive, fancy buckles and bows. Clean simple lines is the key.

2. If you are planning on running for a connecting flight, waiting around for a taxi cab or going on a travelator then avoid stilettos.

3. Sneak some thick socks in your bag to wear on the flight when it starts to get cold.

4. Wear fancy ballerina pumps as you will feel glamorous, they are comfortable and they can easily be slipped off and put under your chair while you slip on some flight socks.

5. If you don't want to stand barefoot on the floor at the security checkpoint make sure to wear socks or tights

Your feet may swell at high altitudes so make sure that the shoe you choose is not too tight


1. Try to wear long sleeves both to stay warm and to protect your arms in case of someone spilling a hot drink whilst navigating the narrow aisle

Tina Fey - Celebrities Catching Flights At LAX

2. Layer up. Wear lots of thin layers instead of a few thick ones as th
is will enable you to add or reduce layers according to whether you are in a hot airport or the cold plane. This is also a good idea if you are starting off in one type of climate and ending up in a much hotter or colder one.

3. Trousers are always preferable to skirts or dresses as they offer more comfort and warmth and easier movement especially if climbing over other flyers to reach the aisle. In addition in the unlikely event of an emergency or crash legs are less likely to be damaged if covered by pants than they are if left bare or in flamable nylons

4. Avoid linen which is likely to crease easily


1. Be careful about what jewellery you wear. It may set off the metal detectors and you may need to remove it. Consider removing any ``private`` piercings to save embarrassment

2. The ultimate travel essential is a pashmina. It can be worn around your shoulders, as a scarf, used as a blanket or folded to be used as a pillow. If you are travelling with a child it can be used as a blanket for them. It can be folded quite small to fit in a handbag. Once on holiday it can be used as a blanket to sit or lie on, as a sarong and in the evening as a shawl. If visiting a Muslim country it can quickly be whipped out to cover legs, arms and shoulders or your head in public or holy places.

3. Choose a bag that is not too big too fit in the overhead locker but big enough to fit in all of your travel essentials with room for your pashmina. Make sure it has a secure closure so as to avoid lipsticks and bottles rolling down the aisle or falling out on the X-ray belt. have secure easy to reach outside pockets for passports, money and tickets.

So the next time i'm rushing onto a flight, i shall find the time to go through this list, and make sure i don't look like this!

and on a more random note, i wish these services were available in-flight. i would pay for this service ;)

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