Saturday, 5 March 2011

back from High Heel Capital

I just got home from my 2 1/2 week solo backpacking trip in Korea and i was bursting with excitement to write about all the things that i have learnt.

However, after pondering, i think it would be better if i wrote about the fashion here instead.

this is after all, a fashion blog

there were so many things in korea, fashion wise, that intrigued me. All these things i will go through as time goes on. However, the one thing that impacted me the most, was how these women wear their high heels.

Now, anyone who has been to Korea will tell you that even outside of Seoul, the women dress to kill. No matter if they are just walking to a coffee shop alone, or to their classes. They dress to impress.

And in this process of their everyday dolling up, the consistent mantra seems to be:

the higher the heels, the better the outfit. No exemptions on occasions

This is a picture i took in Seoul which i think is a great representation with their obsession with heels.

These women, no matter the age wear heels everywhere.

I went to climb Mt Sorkrasan, in a National Park and while i was slipping on their ice and rocks, these ladies climb in HEELS.

This is a bunch of middle aged ladies who were climbing the same mountain as me, only some of them were doing it in heels. I found out later that these women were in their mid 50's.

It was an amazing thing to watch these Korean women! I dont think i have even 10% of their stamina and enthusiasm when it comes to their fashion.

Kudos Korea!!

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