Saturday, 21 May 2011

how to pick a shoe in less than 10 seconds

I'm very very often faced with the problem of having one of my friends/ex-boyfriend waiting outside in the car (and he never complained! what a sweetheart right?) while i scramble around trying to get dressed and then i face my shoe cupboard-S and panic as i realize i don't know what shoes to pick with my outfit.

So this is a self help tip.

The way to pick what shoes to wear when you have less then 10 seconds to make a decision!! - by Foxydy

The rule is simple.

Two questions.

Where are you going & What are you picking these shoes for?

By answering these two questions in your mind, you will automatically be able to make a sensible decision on what type of shoe to pick. Now the key to this method is to answer both questions as honestly as possible.

Scenario 1
Answer 1: I am going to a movie with friends.
Answer 2: I just wanna kick back and relax.

Shoe answer: Funky flats.

By wearing some funky flats, not only will you be uber comfy, you will also be able to pull off the effortlessly trendy look (just coz you're going out with friends doesn't give you the right to look like a hobo!)

Scenario 2
Answer 1: I am going on a dinner date with a cute boy i just met
Answer 2: I wanna knock his socks off.

Shoe answer: Bring on the stilettos

Do i need to explain this one. Okay let me break it down for you.

The Heel Effect (by Foxydy)
high heels = longer legs + great butt + walk with swagger + sky high confidence = a massively increased chance of blowing his mind.

Scenario 3
Answer 1: I'm going to the park with my dog
Answer 2: I still wanna look cute! (be honest ladies. it doesn't work if you aren't)

Shoe answer: Pimped out flip flops (I love Ipanema for this)

By wearing flip flops, you wont have to worry when you need to run after your lovable pooch. If you bump into someone you know, you wont have to worry about how you look!!

Scenario 4
Answer 1: Going to a mall to help the boyfriend pick our a shirt.
Answer 2: I know there is a lot of walking but i still want the heels-effect (pls see senario 2 for explanation)!!

Shoe Answer: Wedges

The miracle answer to the Heel Effect; wedges. Less Pain, Alllllmmmooosssttt same effects.

So you see ladies, it isn't that hard to pick out a show to wear in less then 10 seconds. It all about the two magical questions and plain hard core Honesty!

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