Monday, 7 February 2011

What to Wear for Your Birthday Party

So it was my birthday yesterday !! :) and in honor of that, i found this post.

What to Wear for Your Birthday Party

by Claire

Ah, birthdays. They come around every year, but they’re always special!

For your special day, your only duty is to shine.

Here’s how:

1. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors.

Cast your inhibitions aside and slide on a sexy frock or romper in hot pink, electric orange, or even neon yellow. It’s your night, do it to it!

If you just want to go for a suggestion of color, try a little black dress with a lovely bright hued shoe:


2. Try a bow.

Wrap yourself up like the gift you are, and present yourself like a stylish treat.

3. Get a little saucy.

You don’t need it all hanging out, but you can be a little daring with a slightly sheer top or a high hem.

4. Shimmer and sparkle, it’s your night!

Light it up in lovely sequins or beaded embroidery.

The point is to show out and wear something that’s fun and reflects your personality.

I decided against suggesting actual dresses, as it’s important for you to pick it for yourself. Go to your favorite store, try on a bunch, and pick the dress that makes you feel most beautiful.
It’s that simple!

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