Thursday, 17 February 2011

the leggings revolution

leggings have taken Malaysia by a storm no? everywhere we see girls donning the fashionable item and strutting their stuff confident that they did well on their outfit.
well. lets reminisce back... to where it all started huh?
the LOUD 80'S !!!

GOSH.. the flashback wasn't as pretty as you thought it was... hahaha.. can u imagine how cool these girls thought they were... :)

so i've come to realize that the leggings have pushed their way back into our fashion. so i've complied a few pictures of do's and don'ts. hope you like em.

do take a cue out of these celeb's fashion styles. wearing black leggings accentuates the leg lines and also gives this sleek finish.

do take a cue from the posh (no pun intended) VB. pair your leggings with sky high stilettos that give an air of sophistication..

do tuck leggings into boots. they look oh so yummy and trendy.. casual sexy..

do use leggings with casual looks as well. pair them with ballet pumps or kitten heeled open toes for a real lazy yet trendy look.

and finally. many people advise against patterned leggings.. but look at our girl Lohan. she looks sophisticated sheek here. The key to achieving this look is to have a top or dress that is a neutral solid colour that is slightly longer as to not show off too much of the patterned legging.

Don't s

please please please DON'T go CRAZY with leggings. colours like these belong on the rainbow. don't compete with nature for attention.

don't wear BRIGHT leggings under shorts!!! thats just a HUGE mess. if you want to wear short shorts, then pick a length you actually feel comfortable with. if not. DON'T WEAR THEM! leggings aren't accessories!!!

you would think that Rihanna would have better sense than this right? just goes to prove that even icons have their off days....

i wanna know if this girl's little brother had something against here and took a little blade, cut holes and then snickered as she walked out the door.

and finally. the QUEEN of DITZ. Paris Hilton. come on lady! wearing sheer leggings with a short top? thats just screaming trashy no?

so there u go.. some do's and don'ts.. hope u enjoyed this one.

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