Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Perfect Sunnies + Neat Hair = Fail proof.

So I live in a place where the people are always dressed to the nines. Seriously, Bangsar could be a picture out of a fashion magazine at any time.

Growing up, Bangsar was a nice place to grow up in. The neighbourhood were pretty friendly to us and the shops were nice and quaint. Fast-forward 20 years, and Bangsar is a booming place with certain places having more expats than locals.

Let me get to my point. When you grow up in a place, you feel that you do not have to dress up when you go into the shops. However, my problem is, when i do wear my pasar malam shorts and slippers to run to the grocery store, i feel so severely under dressed that sometimes i hope to god that i don't meet anyone i know.

and this is to the grocery store.

So i have developed a little trick. When i do want to pop into a store or to go for breakfast and refuse to change out of my casual clothes, i just tie my hair up, and throw on sunnies.

As much as it takes me two seconds to do these simple things, the effect is tremendous. By wearing a pair of fashionable sunnies and getting my hair into a sleek ponytail, bun or even let loose, i instantly turn from:

i just woke up and didnt change yet TO i am so cool, this is what i am wearing. i look hot.

Take a look at these celebs who rock the same trick.

Neat trick huh? So when you're too lazy to change, just neaten up your hair, and throw on your sunnies.

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