Friday, 15 May 2009

a new beginning..

hey there.

Thanks for dropping by.

i've been meaning to get a posting out on this blog for a year now. yes a year.

but everytime i opened the page and started to write, i stopped in my tracks and closed the page. i never belived i could start a fashion blog.

i am ever bit an average joe. :) there are mornings i wake up and throw something on and walk out the door hoping i dont bump into someone i know coz i look like crap.

there are days i run onto the other side of the road so i dont have to say hi to someone i know coz i hate what i look like.

but then there are days, when i spend the time making myself look good. and all i wanna do is meet someone i know for them to notice how fab i look.

i am by no means an expert on fashion. but i do love it.

and thats what brought me here.

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