Saturday, 23 May 2009

ho hum..

let me tell you a secret.

no one reads this blog. :) no i aint kiddin.

no one.

i started this blog to just see if i could write posts that inspire me.. and others.. but the thing is i haven't got the guts to tell people that i have this blog. wanna know why??

1. i'm afraid i aint that good
2. i'm afraid people will judge me and ask why the heck i write of all people. after all i aint got a degree in fashion or whatever not..
3. i am still afraid.

there are things i can safely say i have done and am proud of. but this step in this direction freaks me out.

which is why i admire the girls that have overcome their fear to actually take a step forward and open blogshops/review sites/etc etc... i look at them and go wow... they actually did it. what i've been sitting on my butt and thinking about for years... these girls are just like me... students.. juggling a full life.. and yet they have the guts to move and take action!!

i admire the blogshop/ reviewers in this country. In a place where e shoppin hasn't hit home... they are starting to make a difference...


Ven Xhin said...

do blog more sash!!! =D I will read it if you write it =P

the foxy lady.. said...

oh my goodness
someone actually reads this blog?????