Sunday, 13 January 2013

Get Fit in 2013. Step 1 - Yogurt Cups

I have this nasty habit of hitting the snooze button a few times in the morning. I should actually be waking up at 6.15am like my optimistic self promises each night before but I don't and I rush around to get everything in order before leaving the house at 7.20am sharp. Leaving mere minutes later will allow me to experience the wrath of the "Subang Jaya Summit Traffic Lights + Policeman"; both of which, I have decided, hate me. The feelings are mutual.

One of the things I intend to do this year (2013) is get my bikini body back! Every time I check myself out in the mirror (we all do it!) I am starting to see less Halle Berry and more Snooki. Not a great ego booster.

I get to my office at 7.45am each day and drink one peppermint tea. Then, I successfully starve my body until lunch each day. Not a great way to handle my health huh? Also, on a more important note, hunger pangs makes me the boss from hell. 

So this is my brilliant plan. Yogurt cups!! I bought 10 re-usable plastic cups from Giant (Cost me RM 3.49). Next I rummaged my mother's larder and fridge to find all kinds of yummy ingredients (Cost: FREE! Who doesn't love family) But just in case you do not live with family you can extort, fruits, nuts and yogurt are fairly cheap items available in local supermarkets or pasar malam. 

Simply put the ingredients into each cup and filled the rest with yogurt! (Note: Tie crispy ingredients separately until you are ready to consume. Soggy things are yuck). Simple!! And it took me exactly 15 mins to make 10 cups!! (For mum as well).

So I am set for the week! Wake up in the morning (after hitting snooze; New quota: max 2 times), get dressed, grab a cup and go! I am hoping this will keep me happier this week!

The five flavours for this batch:
1) Oats, raisins, flax seed, honey, cornflakes
2) Banana, pineapple, flax seed, honey
3) Strawberry jam, raisins, almonds, flax seed 
4) Peanut butter, corn flakes
5) Grapes, pineapple, honey.

This is a great website of a list of combinations for those OCD/creatively challenged/lazy to think people. You know who you are.

Lets make this happen !!

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