Sunday, 16 December 2012

A life in Style

So recently I have been struggling with what Foxydy should be about.  It started as a fashion blog but over time I realized that it really isn't my passion to keep up with current fashion trends. What Prada, Chanel and Louis V are up to aren't exactly on my top priority list each waking moment though I do have enormous amounts of respect for people who dedicate their lives to their passion for fashion. People who create inspirations and lead markets. Somehow I have started to loose respect for the industry itself when the people who are creating Brand Labels now days are no more than a face with money to spend (most of which was generated by being ditsy on camera or a sex tape as illustrated by Mike Briggs)        

What I do enjoy though, is Style. Personal Style. Each person has a unique style sense, no matter how developed or under developed. I truly believe that Style is a product of socialization and a personal style reflects the way they have been molded and shaped by this world. The family they grew up in, the movies and songs they watched and heard, the friends, the enemies.. they all make a person who they truly are. 

And style really isn't all about what you wear. Everything that you are, everything that you do, you are consciously choosing your style. The way you talk, walk, dress, work, play... it is all about you. You make your own decisions. You pick your package. Your Style. 

So thats it. That is what this blog started off as. But perhaps it is time to revamp and truly define Foxydy. It is not a Fashion Blog, Its a Personal Style Blog. The journey I am on to find my personal style. My package.

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