Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Being FEMALE in a Man's world.

I met up with a friend recently who was complaining that all her law firm allowed her to wear was strict office attire. And due to religious reasons, that means she could only wear pant suits. Her firm consists of 80% men and she is convinced, wearing anything remotely female looking would just make them look down on her. It already didn't help the situation that she is the youngest female member of her law firm. 

This got me thinking. I'm very often (for some reason), in conversation with people who think that the way they dress does not say anything about them. I completely disagree. While i do not think it is a statement of fact; what you wear is who you are, i do not think that your true personality and what you select to cloth yourself in are completely mutually exclusive. 

But i digress. As usual. Back to my friend. She was asking me for tips on how she can "girl" up her dressing in an office where they seem to want everyone to look like men. In her words exactly:

"i dont want to break the rules sasha. But i don't mind playing around them. I want to still feel pretty lah ;)"

This one is for you Ann-ies :)

1. Wear Makeup

Even if you wear wearing a potato sack, you can still put on some bright eye shadow or some girl lip stick to add some color and  definition to your feminine features. Don't pile on the make up to over compensate. Just define your features and pick some neutral colors that blend in. Your objective is to look feminine and intelligent. Not like a raccoon that just rolled out of a bin.


2. Clinch at the waist

Your office might make you wear pant suits, but there is no reason not to show a hint of a figure. Ladies, our greatest assets are our curves. Even if they are covered up, just a hint of them is enough to get people interested. Make sure your pant suits, jackets, tops are well cut. Use funky belts to clinch at the waist to give illusions of a smaller waist. 

3. Accessorize

Throw on an awesome pair of earrings. Or a statement necklace. By accessorizing your look, you are screaming to the world "look at me. i'm a girl. and i take pride in the way i look" Trust me ladies. Bosses love people to dress well. You are a representation of your company. When bosses see a well dressed lady, they immediately give her more respect compared to someone who looks like they just walked out of their bedroom. 

One caution with this would be to not wear any accessory that is too distracting; such as a long clanking bracelet when you type on your keyboard. Then its no longer fashion. Its a job hazard. 

4. Get an awesome haircut

Hair is one of the most sensual parts of a woman. Get an awesome haircut that makes you feel sexy and you will naturally radiate the same feeling to other around you. 

5. Wear strong sensual perfume

People very often underestimate the power of the sense of smell. Pick a strong sensual perfume which you associate with power. Make sure the perfume is not over bearing. You do not want your colleges walking around you holding their breath. What you want is undertones of your perfume to hit them. Think about it. You always want to be around something that smells real good don't you? That's how your boss will feel as well. :)

Happy being a Girl!! :)

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