Thursday, 25 July 2013

Someone to hold my hand.

Ever met someone and felt so completely comfortable with them that you feel like you've known them since you were in diapers? 

You probably met Shan. 

Our first meeting wasn't significant. A quick hello, how do you do. 

The second on a very drunken night as I tried to (unsuccessfully) hook him up with a girlfriend of mine. 

The next day, I texted him. Just like that. Nothing more. We haven’t stopped talking since. He silently suffers through all my rants, laughs along at my hyper active ramblings and participates in my sudden creative ideas. We don’t make plans. We impose them on each other. “We are going to buy you new shoes”. “You are watching Pacific Rim. Because I say so”.

It is like the universe knew something I didn’t. 

How he says he views life. Like a creature in water, just peeking at things that go by without really caring. 

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