Thursday, 25 February 2010

Cut magazines

Sometimes it's just really hard to come up with a killer outfit every morning. So I have a silly little habit. I scrapbook.

I know the picture you have in your head right now is me with my glasses on, hair pulled up, with big scissors clippin cupons. But no. it's not like that at all ok..

What I do is, I buy magazines right.. And I cut out outfits that I like in them and stick it in a big yellow scrap book I have. So that way, when I do need a good outfit and my brain won't work, I just pull the book out, and find one that works on that day.

Of course I don't find outfits all the time in every mag I buy. In fact, based on experience only two mags have outits that:-

A. Suit out weather
B. Suit my style (casual workable yet stylish... Or at least that what I try to achieve ;))
C. Suit my thiiinn wallet

And these are Seventeen magazine and Female. Both mags I find have very workable fashion.

So yea. Just wanted to share that with you guys. :) hope this helps!!

Long live pretty clothes!!

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